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Figure 5

From: Pathological apoptosis by xanthurenic acid, a tryptophan metabolite: activation of cell caspases but not cytoskeleton breakdown

Figure 5

Analysis of caspase-8 and caspase-8 substrate-proteins, plectin and BID, in pig VSMC. a, Western blot analysis of caspase-8 in the cells after exposure to xanthurenic acid (XAN) for one week. Procaspase-8 was cleaved in the presence of XAN with the formation of pl8. Panels b-d, (magnification 800-fold) immunodetection of caspase-8 and plectin and BID in control cells (left panels), and after exposure to 40 μM of xanthurenic acid for 96 hours (right panels), b, detection of caspase-8. c, detection of plectin. d, detection of BID.

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