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Table 1 Gal4 lines that express in larval midgut

From: Peristalsis in the junction region of the Drosophila larval midgut is modulated by DH31 expressing enteroendocrine cells

Gal4 Line Cytological location Gene/product Expression Pattern in Midgut
Cha-Gal4 3L,91C5 Choline acetyltransferase, encodes an choline O-acetyltransferase and is involved in acetyl choline biosynthesis. MJDH31, VTG
Ddc-Gal4 2R, 37C1 Dopa decarboxylase encodes an aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase involved in the biosynthesis of serotonin and dopamine. MJDH31, VTG
DJ752 3L, 96F Enhancer of Split/HLHm7 MJDH31
bab-Gal4 3L, 61E2-61F1 bric-a-brac 1 encodes a transcription factor MJDH31, LM, some CM, some En
MJ12 2L, 22B1-22B2 CG17646, encodes an ABC type 2 transporter MJDH31
DJ761 3R, 85D16-85D17 Passila encodes a nuclear mRNA splicing factor anterior En
C805 2R, 48E6-48E7 Developmental embryonic B/CG16972, RNA splicing factor MJDH31, trach, pattern in Pro
CB20 2L, 28B1 Rapgap1 encodes a Ras GTPase activator activity; MJDH31, pattern in Pro
5053A 3L, 76C1 teyrha-meyrah encodes a protein of unknown function LM
Drm-Gal4 2l, 24C1 Drumstick encodes a small C2H2 zinc finger protein MJDH31, expression pattern in Pro
DJ691 3R, 85D22-85D24 Mura encodes a zinc finger transcription factor En and CM
DJ717 3rd chromosome   trach, MJDH31, pattern in Pro, Gob, some CM
CB30 2R, 56C8-56C9 Tab2 encodes a zinc finger transcription factor CM, MJDH31, En,
c564 2nd chromosome Insert into repetitive DNA on 2nd En
EDTP/DJ694 2R, 54B7-54B15 Encodes an egg-derived tyrosine phosphatase En
MJ33a 3rd chromosome   Expression pattern in Pro, MJDH31, FG
C135 3rd chromosome   MJDH31, ent, Gob
T80 2L, 23A3-23A3 CG9894, protein of unknown function MJDH31, pattern in Pro, weak EN
T155 3rd chromosome   pattern in Pro, weak EN
  1. Pro - proventriculus; MJDH31- Midgut Junction DH31 expressing cells; LM - Longitudinal muscles; CM - Circular Muscles; En - endothelial lining/enterocytes; GC - Gastric caeca; Gob -- Goblet cells; VTG - ventricular ganglion, ent - enteroendocrine cells, trach - tracheal cells and precursors.