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Table 1 Zn-leaching by common labware items. Items were tested by immersion in 2 ml of Hepes saline containing 500 nM FluoZin-3 and 25 μM Ca-EDTA in Hepes saline for 5 s and were scored as 'Zn-leaching' if the increase in fluorescence was greater than that induced by the introduction of 0.5 nM ZnSO4.

From: Detecting and minimizing zinc contamination in physiological solutions

Zn-leaching Non-Zn leaching
Glass cover slips Cell culture dishes (Becton Dickinson, 35 mm)2
Hamilton syringes Cylinders (polymethylpentene, Nalgene)
Latex gloves (Fisher examination gloves powder free) Metal-free pipette tips (Fisher Scientific)
  Methacrylate cuvettes (Fisher Scientific)1
Quartz Cuvettes MicroFil syringe needle (WPI)
Sintered glass bubblers (Fisher Scientific) Saran Wrap™ (S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.).
Tuberculin syringe (Becton Dickinson) Plastic bubblers (Discard-a-stone, Lee's aquarium and pet products)1
  Plastic cover slips (Ted Pella)2
  Sylgard (Dow Corning)
  Teflon bottles
  Transfer pipettes (Fisher Scientific)2
  Tygon tubing1
  1. 1 Soaking in 2 mM EDTA overnight eliminates contamination. 2 Soaking overnight in 10 % nitric acid eliminates contamination.