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Figure 2

From: Resveratrol suppresses body mass gain in a seasonal non-human primate model of obesity

Figure 2

Resveratrol effects on body temperature of the animals. Six male mouse lemurs were observed during one week of ad libitum feeding (Control), followed by four weeks of RSV supplementation to the ad libitum feeding (RSV1, 2, 3 and 4). Panel (A) represents the average daily profiles of the Tb of one representative mouse lemur during the control week and during each week of RSV supplementation. Panel (B) illustrates the evolution of the diurnal (Tb day), nocturnal (Tb night) and minimal (Tb min) body temperatures according to the duration of treatment. Values are given as mean ┬▒ SEM. Resveratrol supplementation induced a clear reduction of the phase of daily torpor revealed by the significant increase in Tb day and Tb min values over the course of treatment.

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