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Figure 4

From: Peristalsis in the junction region of the Drosophila larval midgut is modulated by DH31 expressing enteroendocrine cells

Figure 4

Expression of CHAT and AChR in the junction region of the larval midgut. (A-C) Image of a larval midgut at the junction region labeled with ChaGal UASCD8GFP and anti-CHAT showing that CHAT is not expressed in the same cells as ChaGal4; there is no overlap of the red and green cells in (C). (A) The cells labeled in green are the ChaGal4 UASCD8GFP expressing Midgut Junction DH31 expressing cells. (B) The cells in red are cells expressing the CHAT protein. (C) Merged images showing distinct localization of CHAT and ChaGal4 in the junction region of the midgut. Error bar = 100 um. (D-F) Extended View confocal images of the co-localization of CHAT expression with AllostatinB/MIP. (D) Anti-CHAT expression in shown in green.(E) Allostatin B/MIP expression in relabeled with anti-AllostatinB/MIP in red. (F) Merged image shows that the co-localization of CHAT and AllostatinB/MIP. Bar = 10 um. (G-I) Images of living midgut at the midgut junction region. These images are a single plane taken near the basal portion of the cell. (G)The Midgut Junction DH31 expressing cells are labeled with ChaGal4 UAS-CD8GFP in green. (H) These same cells are labeled with alpha-bungarotoxin Alexa594 congugate. (I) the merged images show that the labels colocalize. Bar = 10 um.

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