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Table 2 Transcript analysis of amiloride-sensitive channel genes in Reissner's membrane.

From: Sodium selectivity of Reissner's membrane epithelial cells

GenBank Accession No. Gene Protein Call Gene array* Call qRT-PCR*
AF112185 Scnn1a αENaC P P
NM_011325 Scnn1b βENaC P P
NM_011326 Scnn1g γENaC P P
NM_009597 Accn2 ASIC1a P** A
NM_001034013 Accn1 ASIC2a A** A
NM_007384 Accn2b ASIC2b A** A
NM_183000 Accn3 ASIC3 P ND
NM_183022 Accn4 ASIC4 A ND
NM_007723/U19717 Cnga1 CNGA1 A ND
NM_007724 Cnga2 CNGA2 A ND
NM_009918 Cnga3 CNGA3 NL ND
NM_001033317 Cnga4 CNGA4 A ND
HQ_116386 Cngb1 CNGB1 NL ND
NM_013927 Cngb3 CNGB3 A ND
NM_022017 Trpv4 TRPV4 P P
NM_010408 Hcn1 HCN1 P A
NM_008226 Hcn2 HCN2 P A
NM_008227 Hcn3 HCN3 A A
NM_001081192 Hcn4 HCN4 NL A
  1. *Call, gene was detected as present (P) or absent (A).
  2. **Gene array annotation (Affymetrix #31) does not distinguish 'a' and 'b' variants. ND, Not Done; NL, Not Listed in gene array.