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Table 2 Coherence, phase and gain between RRI and SAP. The mean RRI-SAP coherence, mutual phase difference, deviation of the phase difference and transfer function gain for each principal frequency component below 0.15 Hz (computed by the sliding FFT analysis) and for the LF frequency band (computed withing the LF band using a single data segment and coherence>0.5 condition). Each value is the mean(SD) over 12 subjects.

From: Fine structure of the low-frequency spectra of heart rate and blood pressure

Frequency component Coherence Phase [degrees] Phase deviation [degrees] Gain [ms/mmHg]
1. 0.35(0.08) -12(40) 93 4.9(4.6)
2. 0.57(0.20) -38(22) 25 9.9(7.4)
3. 0.72(0.12) -30(16) 15 16.1(6.6)
LF range - -32(17) - 10.8(5.5)